Care & Maintenance

Origin® products are made exclusively of solid wood. Each piece is unique and the clear finish reveals all the beautiful variations from the original tree.

There are no limitations concerning food contact to wood. Origin® products are ready to be used on a daily basis. Feel free to prepare and serve pastas, salads, meats, breads, salsas and sauces since Origin® products are made for culinary purposes.

  • Follow all care and maintenance tips to help keep the original beauty and quality of your Origin® product.
  • Keep the products away from prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind or water.
  • Do not expose wood to sudden temperature variations.
  • Avoid using serrated blades and pointed or rough objects as they can hurt and damage the wood surface.
  • Do not not put hot pans on the cutting boards.
  • Refrain from exposing your wood product to the refrigerator, freezer or microwave.

We are proud to remind you that all Origin® products receive Ag+ antimicrobial treatment, which blocks the growth of microorganisms on the wood surface. The Ag+ antimicrobial treatment is applied to Origin® products along with all finishing coatings.  Poorly maintained pieces may lose their antimicrobial protection eventually.  For best results please observe the following cleaning tips.

  • Clean by washing with mild dish soap and soft sponge.
  • Do not wash the wood products in dishwasher. Glass, stainless steel and porcelain parts are dishwasher safe. Keep the wood away from prolonged contact with water.
  • Do not clean using boiling water.
  • Avoid chemicals and abrasives.
  • Leave the surface dry when finished.
  • To best protect the wood we recommend the use of an approved food grade wood conditioner every 30 days.

A natural phenomenon over time is the darkening of the wood. If that is not desired we suggest protecting your products from direct sunlight or strong sources of light.

Be careful with glass and porcelain parts in the vicinity of children.

All Origin® products come with a 1-year warranty against workmanship or material defects starting from the date the invoice is issued. Each case will be analyzed by our technical department professionals before any repair or replacement is authorized.